Everything You Need to Know about Optimising Existing Business Model

Optimisation of a business model begins with recording business processes, which are ultimatively generators of dry accounting records, and whose understanding by consultants represents a prerequisite for entering into a process of formatting, i.e. financial and business reconstruction.

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In order to optimize a business in accordance with the current situation, plans, and strategy, it is necessary to conduct a financing restructuring and the optimization of the structure of the balance sheet, and to implement quality cash flow management, as well as to revise plans and the company’s strategy.

It is financial restructuring, together with optimizing the structure of the balance sheet and cash flows, that represents a prerequisite for the stable functioning of a business cycle in a given economic environment, for a longer time frame. This liberates the necessary time needed for an entrepreneur to come up with further undertakings, while it creates a healthy basis for business expansion.


  • optimization of financial costs
  • reduction of financial cost, taxable base, and tax burden for a longer period
  • optimization of inventory and days of bonding money