How Does the Bank See Me?

Each bank has its own procedures behind which are credit risk policies.

These policies change over time but are nevertheless of extreme importance during a financing process. Bearing this in mind, the banks are conducting scoring and the segmentation of an entrepreneur.

When they make a basic overview of your situation and needs, they come out with informative offers within which they have defined the potential amount of financing, financial costs, maturity, and the types of credit arrangements.

Information about the entrepreneur’s strength, i.e. how much external financing can he obtain, can be interesting to him in the preliminary stage where there is still only a desire for stepping into something new, or for the expansion of something that already exists. This preliminary stage is exactly the one in which 3D Business Finances can give you basic outlines, i.e. answers to the questions below:

  • How much financing can I expect from the bank?
  • Which subsidies can I get?
  • How much will it all cost?
  • Is our project interesting to the banks?

The majority of our clients, in a given moment of their business, are in search of a new challenge or a new investment, or simply have some idea or a partially elaborated project which would be ideal for implementation.
Whether it is about a new project, business expansion, or liquidity supplement, we are at your disposal precisely to support you right from the beginning!

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