How to Determine Your Credit Risks and Risks of Your Partners

The evaluation or determination of a company’s solvency gives a clear picture of a potential usage of financial products that are currently available on the financial market, as well as their recommended price which depends on the availability of financing resources.

We can use the analysis for the purpose of:

  • evaluation of your own potential of borrowing
  • evaluation of the potential of our partners’ borrowing (customers, suppliers, investors, strategic partners, etc…) and other stakeholders

The company that is being evaluated does not need to give consent to making the assessment, nor it needs to be familiar with the fact that it is the subject of the assessment. The essential characteristics of solvency assessment are: The basic solvency assessment is based on publicly available data, while a recommendation is created on the basis of:

  • related people
  • origin of capital
  • financial reports in the last 2 financial years
  • history of the entity’s freezing of funds
  • information on the regularity of tax liability service
  • information about the owners
  • qualitative information


  • solvency check of customers, partners, and the company itself
  • reduction of non-payment risk and the cost of liquidity maintenance
  • the basis for making a business decision about long-term arrangements with customers and partners
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