How To Get Financing for Starting a Business?

In the last few years, the importance of small business has been more and more covered in the media, and you can often hear the saying that both small and medium-sized enterprises are the main bearers of our economic growth.

event 22.02.2021.
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In Croatia, micro and SME segment of entrepreneurship takes up 99,7% of companies. These companies are responsible for 59,2 of GDP and they generate 71,1% of employment which is in accordance with the European standard.

By joining the European Union, new sources of financing, which are typical for starting a business, have become more accessible. Some of the most frequently used sources are CES measures for self-employment and HAMAG-BICRO microloans. As for more serious start-up projects, they have been welcomed even by commercial banks.

With the exception of credit lines, there exists a number of financial instruments which serve as a guarantee for cash flow, collateralization complements, or simply for subsidizing financial costs. They are solely created in order to develop a more prominent entrepreneurial climate, and they are basically available to everyone who has a clearly elaborated business plan, as well as experience in carrying out similar tas