Introduction of Financial and Sales Controlling

The need for introducing controlling of business function takes places at a time when the company reaches a certain level:

  • size of their business incomes
  • number of products/services
  • quantity of the process

At the same time, what is being planned is:

  • organizational structure
  • segmentation of products and services
  • segmentation of clients/markets
  • accounting and IT function
  • business aims of the company (operative and strategic)

Results in:

  • transparent reporting of sales and financial activities on the level of the company, department, or individual
  • tracking of its realization and managing sales and financial activities (a weather report, a business plan, a budget, a strategy)
  • introducing a tool for increasing both the efficiency and effectiveness of managing, while it also enables the capability of adapting to changes inside and outside the company

In order to continue managing the market and the business of a company in a responsible way, it would be strategically important to introduce an upgrade in administrative and financial managing of the company that passed from a micro or small entrepreneurship to a middle-sized one, while taking into consideration its level of maturity and size.

Purpose of introducing a controlling function:

  • transparent management of processes, products, and services
  • possibility of transparent and measurable management of employees and their aims
  • management of the company’s objectives aimed at raising its profitability
  • introduction of forecasts, planning, budgeting, and business strategy
  • monthly preparation of reports which will evaluate previously established aims, and which will direct you towards necessary changes, in order to increase the profitability of your company, and to minimize hidden losses

Introduction is a complex process and it requires effort on part of:

  • processing management
  • accounting
  • IT department

However, long-term benefits represent a rather positive thing for the company

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