Plans for Financial Restructuring

It deals with the optimisation of cash flow of the existing business model and with the preparation for upcoming business cycles.

Financial and operative restructuring of the company is aimed at the elimination of difficulties in business activities, but also at increasing the value of the company. This type of restructuring represents a set of important changes in the financial structure of the company, in its ownership and control, and business portfolio, while it is designed to optimize cash flow and ultimately, to increase the value of the company.

Financial difficulties often occur during a longer period of time, but they are noticeable when it is almost too late.

The owners or the management are often focused on day-to-day operational tasks and it often happens that precisely because of the loss of sales revenues or economic crisis, growing financial difficulties come to light.

Difficult Decisions

On the other hand, when difficult decisions need to be made, such as closing unprofitable centers or redundancies, the owner or the management often postpones them out of fear of making wrong decisions. In case of excessive debt, direct negotiations with participants are conducted regarding the solution of the issues of debt. There is also a change in the structure of debt, and if necessary, there is the liquidation of non-operational assets, while the capital needed for the continuation of a company’s work is secured.

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