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After submitting the documentation that makes a financing request, the process of defending the request follows. It is the final step in the process of getting the financing, which is of extreme importance.

The business expansion strategy provides guidelines for further development but also requires additional cash flow engagement.

Small and medium-sized entrepreneuriship makes up 99% of all businesses and it employs 65% of the total number of people employed.

The evaluation or determination of a company’s solvency gives a clear picture of a potential usage of financial products that are currently available on the financial market, as well as their recommended price which depends on the availability of financing resources.

Investment cycle, i.e investing in long-term assets, represents a strategic business decision.

The need for the introduction of a function of managerial acccounting, i.e. controlling, especially comes to the fore when crossing certain limits of growth in the life cycle of a company.

Right after the analysis of the historical, existing and desired state, and after defining the financial strategy as well, we are ready to create the heart of a financing request, i.e. the investment study of a business plan, or a projection.

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he usage of leverage from a wide variety of products and services of a financial sector represents a necessity in doing business of any business entity.

Optimisation of a business model begins with recording business processes, which are ultimatively generators of dry accounting records, and whose understanding by consultants represents a prerequisite for entering into a process of formatting, i.e. financial and business reconstruction.

Each bank has its own procedures behind which are credit risk policies.

Companies that are within their own operating business, whether completely or only partially, while being exposed to their customers on account of placing goods or by offering services with postponed payment, are neverthelss exposed to a certain credit risk as well.

8 steps to successful investing.

Most of potential investors (banks, fonds, private investors, etc…) wants to see a business plan which serves as the first step in deciding whether to invest or not.

By collecting all the necessary information concerning the market (number of participants, the total volume, trends, competitors, and target groups of consumers), the right business decision is made about entering the market and the expansion of the range of products, i.e. the potential of the market itself.

In the last few years, the importance of small business has been more and more covered in the media, and you can often hear the saying that both small and medium-sized enterprises are the main bearers of our economic growth.

Business case or case study is the basis for making a business decision concerning investing.

According to the previously made analysis of business and its desired condition, and to the prepared investment study (a business plan and projection), the financing request is submitted together with the necessary and a complete set of documentation to pre-defined channels (banks, financial institutions, private investors or funds).

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